Monday, October 10, 2016

Paradisical Palma Loma

¡Hola familia y amigos!

It has been a week of changes! I have been transferred from Salado, Limpio to Palma Loma, Luque Sur. It was hard leaving Salado - I have come to love a lot of people there- but I am optimistic and meeting great people here in Palma Loma.

My new companion is Hermana Douglas from Herriman, Utah. This is her last change and my second to last change, so we're trying to "live like we're dying", taking advantage of every minute we have left as full-time missionaries. (Alma 37:34)

I haven't been here long in Palma Loma, but already we've been seeing miracles. On my first day my companion was telling me about some recent converts that haven't been receiving us. Later on we passed by their house and found their daughter, also a member, who let us in and expressed desires to change and come back to the church. So cool! On my second day here we were on our way to an appointment when a girl walked out of a "chuchi" house in our area, stopped us, and gave us the reference to her patron, telling us she'd given the reference to the Elders in her ward about a month back but it must've never reached us. We had a lesson with the patron, Mirta, and found out that she was baptized a long time ago with her mom, went to her old ward but has never really come to church after she moved to Palma Loma. Her husband isn't very interested, but she has three kids and is wanting to come back.

The members here are also super purete (awesome). Many of them have kids, have busy work schedules, etc, but they work hard and are willing to go on visits with us and have given us lots of references this week.

Today we've been taking advantage of being close to Asunci├│n and went to "sparkle" the temple. I really love to see the temple!

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr