Monday, October 17, 2016

Apparently, I Bring the Blessings

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

It has been a fun week here in Palma Loma. It's been getting hotter and hotter here as Summer approaches and every day I find myself laughing more and more with Hermana Douglas - seriously, she is SO funny.

We've been working on finding more investigators from our own initiative and have been having a hard time finding anyone solid, so we've been working hard to help the menos activo families to progress and take steps to reach their goals. We've also had lots of opportunities to work with the members. There's not a lot of pianists here - I'm the only one in our ward that knows how to play the hymns - and I've been asked to play the piano in our Stake Conference next week and for the Primary Program the following week. Thank you Mom again for getting me through all the years of piano lessons and practice. It's nice to be able to help out, even if it's just by accompanying the music.

Funny story: So, the members in our ward play favorites and, for some reason (probably just for the piano playing) I've fallen into favor with some of the members. One day we decided to contact a street and we ended up finding the house of a really old lady from our ward. We shared a scripture with her and asked her for a reference and she ended up taking us to her neighbor's house! - that was awesome - However, before leaving she asked me to say the prayer by saying "Hermana, ¿puedes dar la oración? porque traes las bendiciones." ("Sister, can you say the prayer? Because you bring the blessings"). Hermana Douglas and I have been quoting her all week. Little do these members know, Hermana Douglas is one of the funniest, realest, most spiritual people I know. Paraguay will lose a solid missionary once she's gone.

Today we had a Zone activity "Lamanite obstacle course" that left our faces and lungs full of flour and gave us a good laugh.

Loving every minute- praying for the maintenance man to come fix our AC. (Alma 31:38)

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr