Monday, September 19, 2016

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

¡Hola familia y amigos!

Well this week started out great! We traded the sketchier parts of our area to the Elders for some of the safer parts of theirs and we had a blast contacting new people, finding our "new" recent converts and finding new investigators in new territory. We've also downsized the expanse of our area and have saved money on not having to take collectivo rides as much and have been able to walk and visit a lot more people.

Fun things this week: New areas, dinner with the Familia Jara, holding a puppy during lunch with the Familia Portillo and going in for a fry and coming out with Idaho at Burger King.

Not so fun thing this week: So for a little over a month my voice has been pretty hoarse, fading and coming back here and there. I've had an on-and-off cold for a while. Last Sunday I lost my voice completely, but it was back by Monday morning. On Thursday it started leaving again and by Friday night it was going, going and gone-zo. That's also when my fever and cough hit and long story short, we've had some sleepless nights, missed church yesterday and went to the doctors this morning. We've been on the phone with Hermana Evans all weekend, and she's been in contact with the area doctor, who said yesterday that I probably have bronchitis - ain't nobody got time for that. Today we had a doctor's appointment and he, being able to take a closer look, said it looks like just a persisting bacterial sinus infection, gave me a good list of medicines and told us if I don't get better by Thursday to come back for more analysis. My companion has been a champ and an angel, catering to my every need and staying up with me through the mid-night coughing fits and early morning aches. We're praying she stays healthy and doesn't follow my example in this sense.

It's been a rough go these last few weeks- but I've been reading in Alma and seen great examples that give me strength. I read, specifically, Alma 14 - when Alma and Amulek (the epic companionship) are put in prison - and how they suffered SO many afflictions with patience, humility and faith. Though they suffered much, in the end "the power of God descended upon them" and the walls of their afflictions literally came tumbling down, crushing their opposition. Alma and Amulek then came out stronger than before and continued the work. Trials are but a moment - that's something I know. Even more, I know our Savior is right beside us through it all.

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr