Monday, September 12, 2016

Did I die?

¡Hola familia y amigos!

It's been a great, uninterrupted week here in Salado.

With our lice under control we've been able to focus in hard on our area and meeting our goals. We've been working hard and have been trying to get better every day. Hermana Sanchez is rocking it and we can't believe that we are now in week 10 of the "First 12 weeks" program.

It's been a relatively normal week. Yesterday we had a funny moment while attempting to find a recent convert before church. We had gone to go get Maria and walk with her to church, but when we clapped at her house a super drunk guy came out. We asked him if Maria was home and he just looked at us, then asked, "¿me morì? ¿Estoy en los cielos?" (Did I die? Am I in heaven?) After asking him again for Maria he just kept asking us if he had died, so I told him directly, "No, te falta un poquito" (No, you've got a little more to go). My companion died laughing. We shortly figured out she'd gone to Sedden's house and were getting ready to go to church together.

Also, it's official. In an effort to avoid Dengue and other mosquito-transmitted illnesses, as Hermanas, we had a training and have ordered dress pants this last Wednesday. Pictures coming soon in October....

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr
Our house

Elva and her baby

P-day with Hermanas Luttman and Martinez

San Ritas - my favorite flower/tree in Paraguay next to Tajy/La pacho

Stairway going to our apartment