Monday, June 20, 2016

Single and Ready to Contact

¡Hola familia y amigos!

Another humid-cold week has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Even though Hermana Noorda is going home in a few weeks we've been putting our all into everyday and that makes time fly.

We've had a great week finding new people to teach, finding and working with menos activos and visiting our recent converts. We were going to have a baptism this Saturday, but Adrianna came down with pneumonia and figured it probably wasn't a good idea to get her wet head-to-foot quite yet in this cold. We're waiting and praying for her recovery.

This week we are looking forward to the baptism of Yanina, another 9 year old from a reactivating, part member family. She is SO cute- will be sending pics next week- and very ready. Yesterday we taught her about tithing, fast and offerings and she told us that she wants to pay her tithing once she gets money. She also told us that she has been reading her book of Mormon and when she prayed to know if it was true she felt super happy and good. This touched my heart- I had a similar experience with the book of Mormon before I was baptised as well. We feel she is ready and we are happy to see her family members so animated for her baptism.

Funny story of the week: So yesterday was "Día de los Padres" here in Paraguay. As with most días feriados, it was a little difficult finding sober people to talk to in the streets. We were about to leave Cuarta Etapa, a distant part of our area, when we decided to contact a girl studying/reading in her front yard. As we were talking to her her intoxicated relatives/family friends came out. One of them had a Spain-spanish accent and came up to us asking if we were from some organization. We said yes, said we were missionaries and he turned around to his friends and said (roughly translated), "Are you guys ready to sign a contract with the monk Mormons?". We then corrected him and said that ours was just a simple invitation to learn more about Christ. He very animatedly accepted a contact card and then skipped to behind his friends to watch as we proceeded to testify a little and extended the invitation to come to church. Afterwards Hermana Noorda and I walked a little ways and just burst out laughing- he was SO funny. We're probably not going to go look for him again, but it was a great contact story.

I hope that your Father's Day was a little more tranquilo and full of great family time. I'm very lucky and definitely have a great Dad who acts as my "sherpa" through life- and, if I was hiking, through the backtrails of Yosemite and the Western USA (He's currently on an insane backpacking trip from what I hear). Mateo 7:7-11

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr