Monday, June 27, 2016

De TODO un Poco

¡Hola familia y amigos!

Holy cow... where to begin. This week was pretty rough for us. From not having water in our apartment for 3 days, to getting pique in my toe (again), to collectivos breaking down on us, and even my faithful Iron-man watch literally falling off my wrist, it seems that everything has passed us this week. There were various moments where I just wanted to give up, collapse in my bed, sleep and then start over the next day- however somehow I didn't (with some help and self-motivation from Hermana Noorda) and I learned a great lesson.

On Thursday we had a multi-Zone Conference where President McMullin and Hermana McMullin gave their goodbyes and final testimonies. I had the chance to sit and reflect on the life of the Savior a little more and felt the spirit helping me realize our problems are so small. Christ suffered everything and did so with love and long-suffering. Our challenges this week have been fleeting, who am I to complain? We also received the General Conference revistas (finally!) and I read two talks from the Women's conference that changed my perspective. In the talk by Cheryl A. Esplin she gave account of a lesson example using a mirror and a window. I have found this week that the more I "looked in the mirror", or looked on our problems, the more I wanted to give up. However, the more I "looked through the window", or focused on the work and our investigators, the more I was able to forget about what was happening to us and feel satisfied and happy with the day. The following talk, by Neill F. Marriot, helped me realize how I could direct my thoughts even more outward on others and continue to work and become the woman I want to be. At the end of the week Yanina Mongelos was baptised and confirmed and the Mongelos family became a full-member family.

We are grateful fhe McMullins and all they have done for us- during the conference I could really feel their love for us- and are awaiting the arrival of the Evans as our new mission president.

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr