Monday, June 13, 2016

Camping in Skirts

¡Hola familia y amigos!

This week has been an awesome one.

Hermana Noorda and I are still working a ton, finding new people to teach and working to help our current investigators in their progression. We've had a few baptismal dates fall and have dropped a few investigators, but we are finding new investigators and still have a good handful of investigators progressing. We are tired all the time, but it's a good tired. We've also had some great lessons this week where we felt edified with our investigators and both of us are decided we never want to leave the mission. (so sad for Hna Noorda)

I've either become accustomed to the heat or it's gotten really cold here because these last few days I've pulled out my leggings, sweaters and coat. This morning we looked at what I was wearing while getting ready and we figured out it was a camping outfit with a skirt - so we took a picture. The mornings are the hardest getting out of bed because it's so cold, but after we come in from running we're fine.

Today we had our Zone activity and we used face-paint to paint our flags and faces and then we played capture the flag. Funny story: So we got to the activity SUPER late. We had to take two collectivos to get to the location of the activity and when we got off the first collectivo we ran into other Hermanas from our zone and decided to go with them because we weren't 100% sure where we had to get off the second collectivo. We followed the other Hermana's lead and ended up getting on the wrong collectivo and having to walk about an hour from Parque Ñu guazu to the Garden Club on the shoulder of the highway road to the airport. It was an adventure getting there, but we made it. We even saw some ostriches (the birds that bury their heads in the ground).

Things are good and we are working hard. I am still loving my matte dulce every Monday night and the chipa wasu members make us. I also made a homemade- experiment soup that turned out great and lasted me the whole week.

Quick thought: This week we studied the Christ-like attribute "Knowledge" and I learned a lot. One of the things that stood out to me most was the principle of learning "grace to grace" like our Savior (DyC 93:13). We don't have to "mess up" to learn from our mistakes, we can diligently search the scriptures and keep the commandments so that we can gain further light rather than falling into deeper darkness to get back to the light. That's the easiest, least painful way we can learn and gain spiritual knowledge.

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr

Camping in skirts