Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Same Old Same Old

¡Hola familia y amigos!

We've had another great week here in Salado. Changes were this last Tuesday and we found out that I will be "killing" Hermana Noorda (she will be finishing her mission with me :) ). We are happy and excited to keep working hard, keeping the momentum in our area going.

This week was again, refreshingly normal and somewhat slow. Even though it was slow, we've been putting 100% into everyday which lets us feel satisfied looking back. We've been finding a lot of people who are not quite ready to receive the restored gospel. A lot of people are willing to let us share with them, however they are unwilling to pray or read to know if what we share is true or come to church to see how it is. We've heard time and time again, "if God tells me to come to your church, I will". Even though we're not angels dressed in white sounding trumps with giant wings, we are two blonde Americans in skirts with plaques knocking door to door, talking with everyone in the streets inviting all to come unto Jesus Christ through the restored gospel. I think we often ask for revelation and direction in our lives but stay waiting until a great sign or clear vision comes before us when really our Heavenly Father is gently urging us to take a few steps of faith. Once we take make a move He then has the opportunity to correct our path or to confirm our decisions; if we stay put we neither move forward nor give our Father the ability to fully guide us. The more I study, the more I find that humbly and diligently moving forward doing our best to follow the whisperings of the Spirit and staying away from the things that will do us harm (aka following the commandments) is the best way to go. (DyC 98:12, Isaiah 28:10, 2 Nefi 28:30).

On a lighter note, we have a young, progressing investigator named Adrianna. Her older brother returned home from his mission about a year ago and, with his support, she wants to be baptised. Unfortunately her brother lives in a different ward, so he just drops her off and picks her up and we end up having to play parents trying to keep her, their younger brother and her friend in line during church. It's a challenge, but we are figuring it out little by little and are recruiting members to adopt them into their family bench during sacrament meeting.

Working hard and still having great times here in the land of chipa, carne and palm trees.

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr