Monday, January 11, 2016


Hola Familia y amigos!

This week has been super hot and full of mangos.

One thing awesome about Paraguay is that there are mango trees EVERYWHERE. They are really great for shade and keep their leaves year round. It is now mango season and there are fresh mangos por todos lados. There are mangos in our patio, in the streets, hidden in the yuyal and everyone tries to give us mangos. Our fridge is so full of mangos! We have been eating at least one mango each every morning and the pile never seems to end.  For service this week we helped a man clear his patio of mangos. It was like shoveling snow while it's snowing - the mangos just kept falling out of the trees as we were raking/sweeping! To thank us, he gave us some of the good mangos. I used to love mangos - I am still eating them, but I'm not sure how much farther I can go until I reach my mango limit.

This week we also had divisions! I got to go work with Hermana Noorda in Ensalado and I met a lot of my companion's old investigators and converts. (Hermana Còrdova was working in Ensalado before she came to our area) It was so fun to get to know her old area! Hermana Noorda is also super awesome and a great example of someone serving with all of her heart, might, mind and strength.

The heat is constant, the flies are out and feasting on mangos and we come home tired every day, but we are learning so much and our investigators are really progressing!

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr

For Tres Reyes the chicas Oveido got play makeup- therefore the missioneras got makeovers.

our fridge fifty percent mango