Monday, January 18, 2016

Oh, the heat!

¡Hola Familia y amigos!

This week has been a hot one... again. We wake up, start to sweat during exercises and really don't stop sweating until we get back to the house at night. My hope everyday while walking in the streets is our air conditioning machine that we use at night. One night the electricity was cut until 2 in the morning and we were melting... I am SO grateful for aire. While we were walking one day I lifted part of my piri hat to see the road a little better and my comp said I looked like a pirate so I put on my best Kira Knightly face and said "oh, the heat!" and we had a good laugh.

Even though we've been working hard we haven't been received much this week. We keep searching for new investigators though and revisiting the menos activos in our area. Funny story: one day we were sitting in front of a menos activo's house and the dueña went inside to get some cold water. A kid came up and asked us if the Señora was there - I responded that she went inside for a moment and asked what he needed. The kid just said "nada" and walked off. My comp just laughed and laughed and laughed and said, "even the kids don't want anything from us". Received or not received we keep working and smiling through every day.

On Tuesday at lunch we were given our plates and I had no idea what kind of meat I was eating. Trying not to be rude or make a big deal I asked what we were eating and my comp responded that it was "higado", supposedly the healthiest part of the cow to eat. I didn't know what higado meant so I shrugged it off and just did my best to ignore the weird aftertaste. Looking up the word later that night I found I out we ate cow liver... yup. I figure, at this rate, by the end of my mission I will have eaten every part of a cow.

Yesterday we were able to find a young family that Hermana Còrdova and Hermana Farrish contacted during divisions. As we began teaching they really opened up and began asking us SO many questions, but all of the right questions. One thing I am learning here is that there are two parts to understanding something new - 1) a good teacher and 2) the right questions. As missionaries we study every day to try to be better teachers, but if people don't have the right questions it's hard to teach. The same applies to our personal scripture study and learning in the gospel. In the scriptures we have excellent teachers - all of the prophets and Jesus Christ, the master teacher. Even though we can be inspired and uplifted just by reading and listening, I've found I learn much more quickly and profoundly when I have questions and I search for answers.

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr

Even though we use umbrellas and hats, we still get a lot of sun. Nos llamamos chocolate y fresa.

Today we went "thrift" shopping in a little store in our area