Monday, January 4, 2016

A Year For Service

¡Hola familia y amigos!

¡Feliz 2016! ¡Oppá 2015!

This week we finished off the year celebrating a few birthdays with a few menos activos and investigators and with a "fin de año cena" with the ward - in other words I ate a lot of junk food and dulces and have some solid New Year's metas to eat healthier - how it usually goes during this time of year.

We were also able to do service cleaning the patio of the menos activa we spent the 24th with. As we were weeding and sweeping she pulled out a ton of her old clothes and gave me a nice, modest summer dress! I used it later that day and was so grateful because the heat is getting really intense and light clothing is essential to survive the day.

As a mission we also started reading the Book of Mormon to finish it by April and fulfill the prophet's challenge. I don't have words to express how much I love the Book of Mormon - it's so fun to start again and read it through looking for specific themes. We are looking for all of the times the book of Mormon mentions Faith, Repentance and Baptism. What's even cooler is that I'm to the point where I can study in Spanish 100%, so I'm reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish cover to cover - it's a challenge, but I'm going for it!

This year is a very special year for me - not every year do you get to put the goal to serve the Lord full-time for an entire year. It may sound extreme to many, but I am so grateful I have 365 more days to serve as a full-time missionary to help gather Israel and build the kingdom of God. It's a privilege for me to be here and I hope to use this sacred time wisely and fully dedicate it to the Lord. 

I love you all! Put down some goals and make them so you don't forget about them in a week!

Hermana Carr