Monday, November 21, 2016

The Work is Hastening

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

So changes happened, Hermana Douglas se fue and Hermana Diaz came to stay. Hermana Diaz is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and speaks English well- so we are helping each other mutually with our second languages. Since Wednesday we've been working hard to find more people to teach, follow up on those who are progressing and invite even more people to come unto Christ.

Saturday we had one of the coolest experiences of my mission: Elder Rasband, of the 12 Apóstoles, came and talked to the two missions of Asunción and Asunción Norte. He spoke of the potential here in Paraguay and how the work is hastening in the Lord's time and through His servants. I was inspired by a story he shared about when he participated in a reunion with President Hinckley and other general Authorities. He said that during the reunion President Hinckley told them, "I've often said to do our best, but we must do our very best." I feel truth in this statement- we must do our best, but it must be our very best- that way we feel satisfied and may have the Lord's promise that He'll make up the difference. (2 Nefi 25:23)

It's getting hotter, however we have been having random, chilly days brought in by strong winds- not complaining. Every day we come home pretty tired, but seriously- it's the most satisfying type of tired I think I'll ever feel. I love missionary work.

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr