Monday, March 21, 2016

Temple Day & Sick Days

¡Hola familia y amigos!

On Tuesday we were able to go to the temple and it was amazing. I love the temple so much! I feel the closest to my Heavenly Father in the temple and I am so grateful for these sacred places we have all over the world. It was a great spiritual experience to be able to attend again and after I felt ready to go share the gospel and invite people to have the same experiences I've had.

Sadly, Thursday my companion came down with a bad cough and lost her voice, so we've been in trying to help her recover for the last few days. As missionaries it's a little different on sick days - instead of staying in and having a "Netflix" day, we just stay in, study and maybe watch Meet the Mormons. Thankfully I've got the scriptures, Jesus the Christ and a book about the history of the church in Paraguay to read. The more I learn about Paraguay the more I love this country.

Cool story about the temple and our chapel: The chapel in Moroni was if not the first, one of the very first chapels built in Paraguay. It was built by the members and the missionaries in a central part of Asunción, calling a lot of local attention. Once built, it was used as a meeting house for the neighboring areas/cities as well as those who were here in Asunción. Though the members were few, the Paraguayan pioneers were strong. As the church grew the Moroni chapel was chosen as the grounds for the temple. There was a mansion next door that the church bought as well and instead of tearing down the mansion they incorporated it into the new chapel that sits next to the temple. In 2002, Gordon B. Hinckley and a couple of the Apostles came and dedicated the temple and were impressed by the unique chapel as well as the temple.

I am so lucky I get to serve in an area so deeply tied to the roots of the church here in Paraguay. It's a privilege to add my little bit of service to the countless missionaries that have come through here since the 1950s.

I love you all and hope all is well. We're coming up on Easter and General Conference!!! With regards to the Book of Mormon challenge: Endure to the end! We can do it! Two more weeks!!

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr