Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi P-Day!

¡Hola familia y amigos!

So today is the only day in my life that I will ever have a "Pi" day, P-day. Pretty cool! To celebrate, because we celebrate the little things, we got "pie" tarts from Superseis.

This week we had changes again - man, six weeks flies by!- and Hermana Santos left Moroni and is now in Laurentu, Luque Sur. I am still here in Moroni - livin the city life - and Hermana Lundberg (or as the Paraguayans say, Hermana Alumbra) is my new comp!

It's been a rough week with our investigators. Many of them aren't progressing or keeping their commitments, which means they are not repenting and are not coming unto Christ. We keep working, praying and hoping for them though! We have been able to find some new investigators here and there. We've also been coming up with a new ward plan for the missionary work and we are hoping to start some fun activities throughout the week that people can invite their friends too to help us find new people to teach- we'll see how it goes!

Today for our Zone Activity we went to the Fundación Solaridad and helped set up wheel chairs that they will be handing out to those in need. It was super fun and it felt good to do something different to serve.

This week is also our Zone's "temple" week and we will be attending the temple tomorrow!!! I am so excited- I love the temple. Every P-day we have the opportunity to serve and clean the temple- and by cleaning, we mean to "sparkle" and wipe off finger prints; the temple doesn't really get dirty. In preparation for tomorrow, we went and cleaned the temple and we made sure that all of the dust particles that had settled since last week were all cleaned up. The temple really is a holy place. I am so grateful for temples!

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr

Pi day and new comp!

Tranquilo sunday mornings on España, Central Asunción