Monday, December 14, 2015


¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week has been a great adventure!

We were on a division with the Hermana Leaders for the whole week and it was way fun. Hermana Wiscombe was my companion and we worked half of our area while Hermana Còrdova y Hermana Jones worked the other half. We contacted, taught and worked in general on a higher level this week being with the Hermana leaders and it was awesome. I learned SO much from them. They are going home this week, so all of the guys at BYU look out! Two amazing ex-misioneras coming your way!

Story time: On Wednesday we started out the day in calor calor calor- it was so. HOT. Not just hot because the skies were clear and it was sunny, but it was humid. After lunch and a few lessons clouds started to blow in at a rapid pace. We were grateful for the shade for about an hour, and then the clouds began to get darker and darker. We were heading to have a lesson with an investigator with a youth from our ward when it began to rain a little. The investigator wasn't home and everyone was shutting up their windows and closing their doors as the storm blew in. In about 20 minutes it went from slightly cloudy to POURING rain. We decided it would be best and safest to head back to the house of the youth accompanying us and, even though we were running as fast as we could, we got drenched. Completely soaked, through and through. After the rain stopped we were pretty cold, but we were able to head home and change before heading out again.

This week I also learned a bunch of new words and the difference between these words. Yesterday as we were contacting and we stopped a lady in the street that was walking somewhat hurriedly. She seemed a little impatient so I said, "usted parece un poco aburrida, entonces..." and I finished the contact. I wanted to say, "you look like you're in a hurry", however the word for hurried is apurada, very similar to the word aburrida which means bored. So instead I told someone "you look a little bored, so..." and finished the contact that way. Hermana Wiscombe was laughing for a while after that one.

As a mission we've been following a program made by our mission leaders to help us study Preach my Gospel more effectively and to help us improve our teaching abilities as missionaries. This week we studied about the Holy Ghost and I learned a lot about personal revelation. I realized that besides doves descending on my companions every now and then, strong impressions and intense spiritual moments are very infrequent for me. It's not common for me to receive obvious manifestations of the spirit and sometimes I question if I really am working with the Holy Ghost if I'm not seeing spectacular conversions or grand miracles day to day. However, as I studied it became more apparent to me that the Holy Ghost is sanctifying and sanctifying takes time. As I am obedient and study and work diligently, little by little I receive more and more. However the moment I decide to slack off or be "kai-way" (lazy) is the moment that the Holy Ghost can no longer sanctify me and I stop progressing. Don't get kai-way with the things of the Lord! It's too important to let our guard down just because we aren't seeing angels or having amazing spiritual impressions and experiences every day. It's the little things, day to day, that are going to add up to something greater in the long-run. DyC 50:24

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr

At the end of our last day of  the division

We made rice and eggs this week! YUM!

We had a GIANT bug in our patio- yeah, #crushedit