Monday, November 2, 2015

The last days of an hija


This is Hermana Getz and i have an announcement to make to all of you concerning your beloved Hermana Carr.

"Y ahora, hermana carr, te hablo a ti: Tú eres mi segunda hija nacida en los dias de mi tribulacion en el campo misional.  he aqui, tú has padecido aflicciones y mucho pesar en tu infancia a causa de la rudeza de tus investigadores"

You have finished your training and are now free to leave the nest of your dear mother. You have been trained well, and therefore you shall go forth and preach the buenas nuevas to all of paraguay!!!!

fEICIdadEs! ciaocito - Hermana Getz

¡hola familia y amigos!

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope you like the little message from Hermana Getz, she's awesome.

This week has been full of bipolar weather with the sun and rain. One morning we got to watch a storm blow in - the clouds were so big there was a line of where the big clouds were overtaking the smaller clouds as they blew over. Luckily we were doing studies and later that afternoon it was just cloudy and sprinkling rather than raining hard core.

On Wednesday we took a trip up to the Piedad - part of our area that's about an hour's walk away from our house - and got a little burned. We walked through a different yuyal short-cut this time and saw Dr. Seuss like trees that were pretty cool. On our way back we took a pause in the yuyal under a big tree and all of a sudden we saw a hUgE white cow come running towards us. We hid behind the tree and watched as it huffed and puffed and ran by. So scary/cool! Luckily it wasn't after us - we're still not sure why it was running, but I realized that cows are huge animals and they move fast.

On Friday we had a noche de hogar with a family we've been working to help reactivate and carved watermelons! My comp and I did the face of Ale - the youngest kid's face - and they made their watermelon into a Frankenstein/bear creature.

As Hermana Getz announced, this has been my last week of training! Tomorrow we have cambios - from now on out I'm working full-time from 10:30am-9pm proselytizing throughout the week. It'll be nice to be out of the house earlier rather than studying for half the day.

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr

Ponderize scripture this week: etér 12:4