Monday, October 26, 2015

Deportes Acuáticos

We've had another great week here in Juan de Salazar.

This week has been a lot of heat, but we've been received more than we have ever been before, or since I've been here anyway, so that's been really nice. We've been working hard trying to help our investigators learn the gospel and know it's true for themselves as well as finding new people to teach.

On Wednesday we contacted a house who had two baby goats. We got to watch them play/jump-run around for a minute and the family let us pet them - that was definitely a highlight of my week. Later that same day we visited one of the menos activos we are working with and while we were talking with her she just started giving my comp a mini-manicure. That was a good/funny day.

Every Friday we have weekly planning and to celebrate we usually make popcorn to snack on. When we poured out the popcorn kernels into the pot there were a TON of these little black beetle-like bugs. Luckily we caught them before they spread into all of our food - we cleared off the shelves and mata-todoed everything. We're now thoroughly inspecting all of the bags of kernels we get from our dispensa.

Later on Friday we decided to go contact a different part of our area and we found a looonnngg street that reminded me of the fields of america. While we were walking it became SO humid, we felt like we were breathing water. Our joke of the week has been, "Does walking in 100% humidity count as deportes acuáticos? cuz that's against the rules."

This Sunday we had a great turnout. Lots of our menos activos came, one of the families we've been working to reactivate received callings and we had a contact that actually came to church!!! For every 500 contacts we make we usually only have 1 actually come to church. This Sunday was the day one came!

As a companionship we've been working on contacting. The more we contact people and the more we explore our area, the more we find menos activos and old investigators that know the truth of the gospel and have let go of the truths they know. They choose to neglect their spiritual progress and it breaks my heart. Really, there's just three things you've gotta do to stay active - a) Pray, b) read/study the scriptures and, c) attend church. If you've got these three things, por lo menos, you're on a good track. Don't let anything get in the way of your spiritual progress with these three things!

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr

p.s: It's Sandia season!!!!

Ponderize scripture this week: Salmos 40:8