Thursday, September 3, 2015

Flowers and a Baptism Are All an Hermana Needs

Dear familia y amigos,

Time flies when you're looking back on the week since last P-day. The days are long, but the weeks seem to be going pretty fast.

This week has been a crazy one. We started out pretty slow - my companion was a little sick so we came in early and I got to study a lot in the evenings. By Wednesday we were back on our normal schedule though and que suerte because our investigator Jose (71 years old and only speaks Guarani) started feeling better and was baptized this last Saturday! We had to plan the baptism and clean out the baptismal font during our studies Saturday morning, so that took a lot of our time, but it all worked out and we are so happy for Jose!

Last Wednesday was my first storm in Paraguay and WOW. They're not kidding when they say the streets turn to rivers. It only rained for a couple hours, but the mud stayed for a few days.

Funny story of the week: We regularly visit a less active family with one son (I think) about six years old. While we were talking and teaching with his mom he brought us a few cute little orange flowers. The flowers smelled really good and I was curious what kind of flowers they were, so I asked my companion. After smelling her flowers and thinking for a second she turned to the mom and asked, "Hermana, is this your perfume?" Sure enough the little boy, ma ena, had run inside and sprayed perfume on the small flowers he gave us. We all had a good laugh about that one.

I had a very humbling moment during Jose's baptism this week. We planned for Jose to share his testimony in Guarani after a few talks. When Jose got up to talk he seemed so nervous and he just started to pray out loud. At first I thought it was kind of awkward/funny because we must not have explained well enough and the idea of sharing testimony must have been lost in translation, but as he prayed I still felt his testimony. I couldn't understand what he's saying and I didn't know what prompted him to pray, but I felt his love for God and his willingness to follow the Savior. It was humbling and a great reminder to me that the spirit speaks in many ways and most of the time with few words. Even though I can't speak Spanish very well quite yet, I know I can still work as a missionary and help people come unto Christ as long as I have the Spirit with me.

Estoy aqui porque yo amo a toda la gente de Paraguay!

Hermana Carr