Monday, August 24, 2015

Que verguenza!

¡Hola familia y amigos!

I learned a new phrase this week: "que vergüenza" (how embarassing)

We've been working with a less active family, Familia Benditez, and have been going over the missionary lessons and having Noche de Hogars (family nights) with them. This last Thursday we were playing "gato y ratòn" and my compañera was caught. When you're caught the consequence is you have to run out to the street and yell "¡mi chancho sea muerto!". Their home is set far back from the street, so they have a lot of yard/dirt driveway before the street. My compañera started running to the street, but then turned back for me to follow, so I hurried and got up and started running to the street with her.

Unfortunately it was night and the Benditez house isn't well lit, so as I started running I ran straight into a pile of wood planks and flat out ate it. Legs in the air, sweater, pen and notebook went flying and everyone just got awkwardly silent. QUE VERGÜENZA. hahaha

We kept going to the street, my compañera yelled the phrase and then we went back to the family who seemed certain I had almost died. Their little boy was more shaken up than I was after seeing a few scrapes I got - pobrecito. Even though I have a few scrapes and bruises, the family came to church on Sunday!!! So the embarrassment was definitely worth it.

We had a baptism planned for this weekend, but sadly Josè (our 71 year old investigator) got sick and didn't want to be submerged in water quite yet. We have him rescheduled for the 5th of September though, so it's all good!

We also found a calidad investigator named Nilsa this week. We contacted her at her house and she asked us a bunch of the "questions of the soul" that can be answered by the Book of Mormon, so we're really excited to work with her and see how she'll progress.

It's definitely been a crazy week, but I love being a missionary. I've been reading in the "missionary" chapters of Alma and absolutely love the stories of Alma the younger and the Sons of Mosiah. One of my favorite parts is when Alma and King Lamoni come across King Lamoni's father (the KING king of the land) and Lamoni's father is only open to listening to Alma after Alma demonstrates "the great love" he has for King Lamoni and the Lamanites (Alma 20:26). I pray for greater love for the people I serve everu day and I en serio love these people!

¡Estoy aquì porque yo amo a toda la gente de Paraguay!

Hermana Carr

The view from my front yard

Karen (our baptism last week), her family and a bunch of the kids in the neighborhood

Hna. Getz and I with Karen post baptism