Monday, August 8, 2016

Pique, Lice, and Something Nice

¡Hola familia y amigos!

The more I think that we've been through it all, the more I am proven wrong. This week's adventure has been the wrestle with bugs and progressing investigators. Both my companion and I took out pique from our toes and we've begun the lucha with lice. Many of our progressing investigators ceased to investigate as well.  Can't say it's been my favorite adventure this week, but we keep moving forward and keep working with purpose. 

Even though we've faced opposition we saw a few fruits of our labors this weekend. Ana-Lujan and Ayelen Fernandez were baptized this week. We've been working for a while with the familia Fernandez and, after keeping their commitments and coming to church consistently they made it to their goal. Seeing Ana-Lujan smiling ear to ear and Ayelen crying happy tears before entering the font made all the pain of this week worth it. 

The more I work and the more I really put my all into our area, our investigators and this ward the more I find that my efforts don't really do much. A lot of our visible success comes from the work of past missionaries, the members and the circumstances of these people. I just gotta make sure what I do fits into the intricate plan that our Heavenly Father has put into action. (DyC 84:88)

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr