Monday, July 11, 2016

Your Prayers Are Heard

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week has been loco-crazy and a little scary at the end. 

We started off the week preparing some investigators for their programmed baptism that was to be Saturday in the afternoon. We taught, contacted and worked hard throughout the whole week- I am so proud of Hermana Noorda, she has endured to the end 100%. Friday afternoon our investigators passed their baptismal interview and we went to bed tranquilamente...

Then the house alarm went off. Right after we had gone to sleep someone entered into our apartment, but by the time we got up and out to turn off the alarm and see what happened they had gone. Our window was wide open and wouldn't close again though, so a member came and drove us to the Hermana's house in Juan de Salazar. We were shaken up, but safe. 

Saturday morning we came back and played Sherlock for a little bit, and, with the help of the mission handyman Hermano Sanchez, figured out that the intruder probably picked our lock, set off the alarm and then took the fastest exit out, forcing open the window. 

The "Hermana Alarms" were just put in our house two weeks ago- we are so grateful. We know that Heavenly Father is watching over us and that the leaders of the church were very inspired to put alarms in the Hermana's houses. Your prayers are heard and answered. We are safe and sound and taken care of. We are very protected. (

Saturday morning our investigator called us and, when we got to their house, told us that they wouldn't be able to be baptized- their extended family had called and said they'd cut them off and never talk to them again if they associated herself with our church. We bore our testimonies, read a few scriptures and left pretty disheartened. They were progressing so well, but the adversary works very hard to make it seem like our world will end if we take a step of faith. We are praying for them and will pass by to visit them again- we love them, baptized or not.
It's been an emotionally taxing weekend, but we've had sleepovers with the Hermanas in Juan de Salazar and in Campo Grande, Asuncion, so we've been having fun times there. Today we are using our P-day well, relaxing in the offices- Hermana Noorda has her final interview! So crazy!

This week is changes and I will be getting a new companion! News to come...

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr