Monday, May 9, 2016

Avengers on Adventures

¡Hola familia y amigos!

So we have had another great, crazy week here in Salado.

It all started last Monday when I ran into Elder Taylor Thompson at the temple cleaning! (I accidentally just called him Taylor when I saw him.. #oops) It was cool to see him and meet his "hijo" as he is training right now.

Funny/freaky story: Later Monday night we were walking up in a part of our area called San Francisco and we walked passed (what I thought was) a rock/big leaf in the road. My comp pauses for a split second and says "I think that was a tarantula". Well, Hermana Carr was ciao-cito halfway down the road - Hermana Noorda went back and threw a rock at it. I hid behind a tree, waiting for the inevitable death of my beloved companion as the tarantula, from what Hermana Noorda said, reared up for the attack. After that she came running too.

This week we have been working very hard, putting our all into every day. Some days we were even able to do divisions with some of the members to get to more lessons. On Tuesday night I was so tired at the end of the day I asked someone "¿como se dice usted?" instead of "¿como se llama usted?". That was pretty embarrassing and I spent a good 5 minutes laughing over that one.

Thursday morning I got some good plumber-practice. Our kitchen sink doesn't directly drain outside, it first sits in a little bucket/pan thing and then, once pressurized enough, goes up and out another pipe; if we're not careful, it overflows before pressurizing. After our morning run I got back and started doing dishes when it overflowed. We ended up having to take off the lid of the bucket thing and scooping out all of the sludge build up - it smelled SO bad. WAKALA.

After going out that same morning we were blessed to help a woman learn how to pray. We contacted Estela and she welcomed us in to talk a little bit. As we finished up a little lesson we asked if she would like to pray and, after a slight attempt, she said she couldn't pray. After a little coaxing and scripture sharing we were able to walk her through a little prayer. At the end she said she felt good and that she would pray again.

Saturday we had a "Rescate" in our areas in preparation for our ward conference. I went out with Hermana Rodriguez (who is in Juan de Salazar right now!) and we had a pretty good time slipping and sliding in the mud and rain. Saturday night I caught the cold Hermana Noorda has had for a while and we made some hot kool-aid/juice packets and quoted Julian Smith - I made this for you!

On Sunday Natalia and Sedden were confirmed. Maria didn't come - we will be working with her this week to help her be confirmed. I was able to talk to my family. I love and miss them, however I am doing the best things with my time right now. Some people may ask how we as missionaries aren't trunky after Skype calls. "That's my secret - I'm always trunky".

In the parting words of a contact we made this week, "hasta la vista baby".

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr