Saturday, April 9, 2016


¡Hola Familia y amigos!

This week has been a good one here in Moroni - we've been working hard and we have some new investigators! It makes things go by a little faster and easier when we are working, studying and thinking about current investigators. We've got high hopes and we've got hope at least one of them will progress to baptism!

General Conference was amazing - as always. I received answers to the questions I came with and a few questions I didn't know I had. Along with the new instruction, I received confirmation from the Spirit that this is the true church, Christ's church, and that by keeping our covenants, following the counsels of the prophets and living the gospel daily we will return to the presence of our Heavenly Father with our families.

During the Saturday afternoon session of conference a miracle happened. The power had gone out in Campo Grande, so a lot of people came to the capilla in Moroni to watch conference. A girl came in and sat down on the back row by us and I thought nothing of it. About mid-way through one of the talks she leans over to me and asks, "so, is someone going to talk to us from here or is there going to be a mass or something?". Turns out she always walks by and just decided to follow all the people coming in to see what was going on that day and to see if she could go to the temple. Trying my best to play it cool I got her info and we have an appointment with her next Saturday. She left after the middle hymn and I immediately turned to my companion and told her all about what happened. It was a little harder to focus on the talks after that. Sometimes we have to work and work and work to find new people to teach, but sometimes Heavenly Father sends them to us.

This week I was also able to brainstorm some ideas with our mission president of how we can find new people here in the city. We walk the streets and ring a lot of doorbells, but we're having few fruits from our hours of effort. Taking his suggestions we went to the high school of our recent convert Liz and scheduled a "meet the Mormons" event this upcoming Thursday and Monday. I guess they don't have as many restrictions on talking about religion in school here, so the directora told us we could come in and talk to the students about what we're all about and show the movie "meet the Mormons". We're also going to go to the colleges in our area and see if we can do the same there. I've got a lot of hope and am very excited to get to work on these events and help invite more people in a more comfortable environment to come unto Christ.

Funny stories from this week: while we were sharing with some investigators in the street a man named Alejandro came up and tried selling us perfume from Lady Gaga. Another day, a collectivo full of Olimpia fans on their way to a game started shouting/chanting/singing to us as we walked by in the street. Yesterday at lunch and our dinner appointment glass dishes broke - the one at dinner was so comical I cried laughing - the boy was trying to grab at the dessert before everyone was ready to eat and so my comp pretended to "bite" his hand, he pulled back his hand but did it so fast that it hit his empty glass and it went FLYING, hit the wall and shattered. The look on the boy's face and the face of my comp was priceless.

The heat is doing a comeback- so that's not as great- but other than that everything is going well!

With love sent from Paraguay,

Hermana Carr